North Addison Baptist Church, Spokane, WA
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Child Protection Policy

Here’s a summary of how we protect our children and youth at North Addison:

First, we screen all workers, whether paid or volunteer, part-time or full-time. Background checks are performed every two years.

Second, we have training events for our children’s and youth workers, so they know the definition of child abuse and how to recognize symptoms in children, how to spot inappropriate conduct in children so that classmates will be protected, and how to report abuse or misconduct.

Third, we have a Classroom Monitor—a church member 21 years or older—who randomly visits each classroom each hour, to verify proper conduct and to report misconduct according to the church’s reporting policy.

Fourth, every classroom has at least two workers/teachers to supervise children and youth. In youth classes, both a male and female leader will be present when both boys and girls are present.

Fifth, we have a bathroom policy for young children (grade 2 and under), including these rules: a worker will ensure the bathroom is not in use prior to the child entering; the worker will stand in the doorway to keep others from entering; only children—and never youth or adults—are allowed to use these restrooms during Sunday school and Children’s Worship.

In addition, we have some general rules for all children:

·        No children are allowed unescorted into the youth room.

·        No children are allowed to wander during Sunday services.

·        No children or youth are allowed to enter unused rooms such as storage areas and janitor closets, unless authorized for a specific purpose.

·         Older children and youth may use the restroom during Sunday school only after checking out with leader. If you are interested, you may read our complete policy here. Child Protection Policy